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PC Summer Courses

Things to Know & Steps

  • The Office of the Dean of Undergraduate & Graduate Studies (DOUGS) is responsible for approving your summer course selection(s). 
  • The School of Continuing Education (SCE) will manage registration and payment for summer course work
  • Summer course work is for make-up or enrichment purposes only, not to advance your status/graduate early.
  • When summer courses are completed, the credits and grades will display on your PC transcript.
  • Course details including course start & end dates, time, day, instructor, and teaching modality are found in Cyberfriar.
  • The course approval and registration process will take place via email, so please take the time to read the steps outlined below.

Step 1: The first step is to consult your Cyberfriar Audit Evaluation to determine your unfulfilled degree requirements.  You may consult your academic advisor or your academic class dean for assistance.

Step 2: Once you have identified a summer course from the list below, please use the included email template to obtain course approval from your class dean.  You will submit this email to  Your class dean will review your academic progress and reply to your request. They will forward the email approval (copying you) to the School of Continuing Education (SCE).

Step 3: You must work with the SCE on registration and payment. Payment or proof of payment for the course(s) is due prior to registration. The 3-credit course fee is approximately $1240. Some courses have associated lab fees. Registrations will be processed in the order in which they are received (payment must be included) by the SCE starting on March 23. Summer course registration will be viewable in Cyberfriar starting on April 20th.

EMAIL TEMPLATE For Summer Course Approval
Copy/paste this email template into your own email.

Complete 1-8 and send to

Acknowledgement: I understand that the below courses are permitted for make-up or enrichment only and are not intended to advance my status. I further understand that I remain bound by the College’s graduation requirement of 8 semesters of residence (full-time study).

  1. Student Name:
  2. Student Cell:
  3. Class Year:
  4. Last Four Digits of Banner ID:
  5. Major:
  6. Minor:
  7. Student Athlete:  Yes or No

I would like approval to register for the following summer course(s). 
Please list the course subject, course number, and the name. Example: PHL 101 Logic.  Also, indicate which requirement is met by the course: core, major, minor, or free elective.

8. Course & Requirement:

PHL 101, Logic – non-ethics philosophy core
ARH 101, Art History Survey – free elective
ECN 102, Principles of Economics (Macro) – major requirement

LAST STEP: submit your email to:

Summer 2022 Approved Course List


PHL 306 = Cancelled

THL 394 = Summer II M/W6-9:30 SYNCH (no longer Maymester)