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Transfer Coursework

We are all adjusting to living and learning differently.  Thank you for your continued patience as we roll out our plan for transfer course work. The Office of the Dean of Undergraduate & Graduate Studies is responsible to provide academic guidance by approving your transfer course selection(s).  This process will take place via email, so please take the time to read this entire page.

Courses at Other Colleges/Universities

  • Your first step is to consult your Cyberfriar Audit Evaluation to determine your unfulfilled degree requirements.  You may consult your academic advisor or your class dean for assistance as needed – class dean contact information is available at
  • Identify one or more specific courses at an accredited college/university that you believe will fulfill one of your requirements. Check the Transfer Course Database to learn if the course is currently transferable.  
    If the course is in the database, you will know whether or not the course will be accepted for transfer, and how it will transfer to your PC transcript.  If the course you are interested in taking is not in the database that means it has not yet been articulated for transfer to PC. In this case, you must provide a detailed course syllabus (via email attachment to Katherine Ricci,, coordinator of transfer credit evaluation).  You will receive an email at your PC address within 7-10 working days informing you of the outcome of the transfer course review.
  • Once you have found courses that will be accepted for transfer, please email the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate & Graduate Studies for transfer course approval at
    Please indicate the following in your email subject line: Seeking Transfer Course Approval and list your class year. EXAMPLE: Seeking Transfer Course Approval – Class of 2022
    The body of your email should include an explanation referencing the academic requirement that you plan to satisfy by taking the transfer course.  EXAMPLE:  I plan on taking ACC 203 at Bentley College this summer to meet a requirement for my business innovation minor.  Along  with your email, you must attach a completed Transfer Course Approval Form (link below). Your class dean will approve your request via email.
  • You must then register at the college/university for the approved course, and ensure that an official transcript is sent to the PC Registrar’s Office (Harkins 310) upon successful completion of the course. “Successful completion” means earning a “C” or better. Please remember that while credits for the approved course and its PC equivalent will be included on your PC transcript, the grade will be recorded as a “T” and will not affect your GPA.
Transfer Course Approval Form