Ready to Declare Your Major?

After you have completed the necessary steps to determine your area of interest, the steps to declare your major are simple. Follow the systematic instructions below.

  Make the following appointments to discuss your choice(s) to declare your major(s)

  • Schedule appointments with your Undeclared Advisor & the Department Chair of the major you wish to declare.
  • Review your interests/skills/plans and the major(s) core requirements prior to your scheduled meetings. Be prepared to discuss your interests and major course requirements during these
  • After you have review your intentions with the Department Chair, you must complete and submit the Change of Major Form.

Please note: If applying to the School of Business, students must submit their request to declare a business major by registering for a mandatory PCSB declaration major session.

PC students in good academic standing and meet the PCSB minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA, who are interested in pursuing one of the business majors, accountancy, finance, management, or marketing, are eligible to declare a business major. Students must declare midway through their sophomore year.