Selecting the Right Major

As an undeclared student, you have the opportunity to explore before declaring your major. Be sure to carefully consider all of your options and discuss them with your academic advisor. The Decision- Making Check-List below provides an outline of the steps you should take before making your selection.

Decision-Making Checklist

Assess your talents and interests.

  • What are you interested in – subjects, methods of study, and questions of significance?
  • What are your academic strengths and talents?
  • What skills do you want to develop?

Explore all the options available. Generate a “long” list of potential majors based on your interests.

  • Consult the Providence College Catalog for all Academic Programs offered at Learn what major(s) and/or minor(s) best match your interests/skills
  • Visit the Chirico Career Center’s FALL-CAREER EXPO
  • Workshops are offered during this event which include the Major/Minor Fair

Do some research on potential majors and narrow your choices to a “short” list.

  • Choose courses that best match your interests and Major exploratory courses to explore.
  • Determine what is required for the major(s) you are interested
  • Determine what departmental courses that are
  • Does the department require courses from other departments?
  • Is there specific requirements to apply to a particular program or to maintain enrollment in a particular program such as a GPA cumulative requirement?

Utilize all the resources available.

  • Undeclared Advisor
  • Department Chair
  • Instructors
  • Students in the Major (especially successful seniors)
  • Career Services: Creating a focus – online tool
  • Undeclared Advising Program Office
  • Navigational tools such as Advising Gateway (DegreeWorks) or CyberFriar (degree audit)

Do some academic planning for the major(s) you are interested in.

  • Academic Guidebook is an excellent tool to Majors Requirements
  • Department Requirements & Electives
  • Additional Requirements for the Major
  • PC Graduation Requirements
  • General Degree Requirements
  • Organization of Courses by Your Class view this information. The Academic Guidebooks are available for each class year.
  • Semester Course planning should include 4 courses each semester for your 1st & 2nd year
  • Semester Course planning should include 5 courses each semester for your 3rd & 4th year
  • A total of 120 credits & 36 courses is need for These credits must include Core Requirements and Proficiencies.